Introducing Rabbit Ray

Rabbit Ray is a paediatric education device.

A friend to explain medical procedures to children through play.

1 Tool, 4 Procedures

– Phlebotomy –
Neonatal Blood Sampling: Drip Technique
Blood Glucose Monitoring demostration for Diabetes’ management

– Intravenous Plug Setting –
Demonstrate scalp-vein “butterfly” needle technique
Allows hand movements in blood draws and infusions

– Vaccination –
Subcutaneous and Intradermal
Injection demonstration

– Intravenous –
Saline IV demonstration
Chemotherapy Drug demonstration for Paediatric Oncology

Our Customers

Top 10 United States Children’s Hospital in 2016-2017

Britain’s leading Children’s Hospital

JCI-accredited Children’s Hospital in  Southeast Asia

“Children are afraid when they do not know what to anticipate in a clinic visit.

Through playtime with Rabbit Ray, they will understand.

Plus, Rabbit Ray is a good distraction during vaccination,”

- Madam Lai Sheok Yen, mother of three.

Medical Accuracy

Designed based on
World Health Organisation’s publications.

Fact-checked by 4 healthcare professionals for medical accuracy.

Accepted in 3 international healthcare conferences.

Mouse over the images to read the picture’s comments.

“Rabbit Ray can come in handy for healthcare staff to educate young patients and their parents on the medical procedures which the patients will undergo, and help to minimise any fears and anxiety,”

- Ms Fadzilah Kamsin, Senior Child Life Therapist,
National University Hospital, Singapore

Learning Benefits

Pretend Play

Imagination: when children play make-believe nurses, doctors and caregivers, they exercise their creativity with self-initiated story lines.

Social Interaction: role-play puts children in other people’s shoes and encourages them to be emphatic and considerate.

Educate & Prepare

1) Education: remove fear of the unknown and bring anxiety to realistic levels.

2) Inquisitive: breakdown medical jargons into action steps; for children who ask why. According to Piaget’s child development pre operational stage (Age 2-7).

Vent and ask questions

For Chronic Patients:

1) Play to vent frustration after procedures.

2) Play creates the environment for questions on life and healing.

Technical Details

Latex Free
Magnets Free
Non Porous
Non Autoclavable

Kids Safe
Age 4 and up

Size : 200 x 111.14 x 72mm
(200mm is 2/3 of an A4 paper height)

Designed and
Made in Singapore.

What you will get in each set

Rabbit Ray Instrument Kit + Storybook (2 titles in 1 : Vaccination & Phlebotomy).

"Rabbit Ray will replace children’s fear with understanding.

The access to healthcare is important; coupled with education and positive experience, it will encourage children’s receptiveness to treatment.

When children are involved in their care, it creates better outcomes,"

- Esther Wang, Founder of Joytingle

Since starting in 2012, Joytingle has worked with reputable JCI-accredited hospitals.

Joytingle is a registered business in Singapore and is supported by National University of Singapore Social Venture [email protected]