Launch of Rabbit Ray to educate children on vaccination and other medical procedures

Social enterprise start-up to market product regionally

Singapore, 15 December 2015 – Calling out to all children! Have no fear as Rabbit Ray is here! Social enterprise start-up, Joytingle has recently launched its flagship product, Rabbit Ray. This is a patient engagement device that helps children learn about four medical procedures – phlebotomy (blood draw), vaccinations, plug setting and intravenous drip. Rabbit Ray is ideal for 4-8 year olds, to educate and reduce their fear of needles. Joytingle has commenced marketing Rabbit Ray in Singapore and the region, reaching out to hospitals, clinics and schools.

Rabbit Ray consists of a 200 x 111 x 82 mm tool kit in the shape of a friendly rabbit. This kit contains actual medical instruments, including a syringe, an intravenous catheter (with a safe plastic “needle”), connecting tube and vacutainer. By playing with Rabbit Ray, children learn the importance of vaccinations and blood taking. They also become more familiar and comfortable about medical procedures, which reduces their fear.

Rabbit Ray is interactive. During their play session, children can draw “blood” (coloured water) from Rabbit Ray. They can also give him a “vaccination” (more coloured water) and set up an intravenous plug, together with the intravenous bag. Rabbit Ray comes with a book on phlebotomy and vaccinations that parents or healthcare educators can read to the child, to boost their healthcare literacy.

“It can come in handy for healthcare staff to educate young patients and their parents on the medical procedures which the patients will undergo, and help to minimise any fears and anxiety,” said Ms Fadzilah Kamsin, Senior Child Life Therapist, National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore.

NUH was one of Joytingle’s first customers, demonstrating their concern to ensure the well-being of their young patients. Other pioneering customers include KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Children’s Cancer Foundation and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan).

Joytingle’s entrepreneurial journey

Joytingle was set up in 2012, after its founder Esther Wang did volunteer work at a children’s ward in a hospital. She noticed that children with chronic illnesses were scared of having their blood taken. With her background in design, Esther decided to create a solution to solve this problem. She tapped upon ACE Startups grant from SPRING Singapore and leveraged upon the incubation support from NUS Enterprise’s Social Venture [email protected] Rabbit Ray is fully manufactured in Singapore and CE-certified.

"Rabbit Ray will replace children’s fear with understanding. The access to healthcare is important; coupled with education and positive experience, it will encourage children’s receptiveness to treatment. When children are involved in their care, it creates better outcomes,"

- Esther Wang, Founder and CEO, Joytingle.

 “It has taken us four years to create Rabbit Ray. It was developed based on WHO publications and we consulted several healthcare professionals to ensure the facts are correct. We also knew Rabbit Ray had to be hygienic and hypo-allergic, so it is made of a non-porous plastic material and latex–free.

Rabbit Ray will replace children’s fear with understanding. The access to healthcare is important; coupled with education and positive experience, it will encourage children’s receptiveness to treatment. When children are involved in their care, it creates better outcomes,” said Esther Wang, Founder and CEO, Joytingle.

Rabbit Ray costs $210 for one set, including the tool kit and book. It was officially launched in November 2015. Joytingle are looking to raise seed funding, to support the marketing and distribution of Rabbit Ray. Joytingle also have a corporate sponsorship option for companies who wish to support hospitals’ or charities’ use of Rabbit Ray as an aid to recovery, to allow children to leave hospitals in a more peaceful state of mind.

“Children are afraid when they do not know what to anticipate in a clinic visit. Through playtime with Rabbit Ray, they will understand. Plus, Rabbit Ray is a good distraction during vaccination,” said Madam Lai Sheok Yen, mother of three.

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About Joytingle

Joytingle is a social enterprise that was founded in 2012 with the belief that young patients should be treated as children first and patients second. Joytingle’s flagship product is Rabbit Ray, a medical device that educates children about four medical procedures – blood draw, vaccination, plug setting and intravenous drip. Joytingle has raised funding from SPRING Singapore’s ACE Scheme for Startups, and is incubated by NUS Enterprise under its Social Venture Lab initiative.

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