Rabbit Ray


Children learn what doctors and nurses do with Rabbit Ray!

Designed based on World Health Organisation’s materials, this friendly companion explains health concepts through play.

Aligns closely to the real clinical steps – 5 medical procedures in 1 Rabbit Ray set.

1 x Vaccination

2 x types of Blood Taking / Phlebotomy – the Drip Technique and Scalp-Vein / Butterfly Needle

1 x Intravenous Drip or Chemotherapy Demonstration

1 x (Intravenous) Plug Setting Demonstration (Bonus)



Additional information

Weight 718.5 g
Dimensions 111.14 × 72 × 200 mm
Other Features

A simple game to check children's understanding of vaccination
Bonus: Certificate of Bravery for children

Latex and Magnet Free
Compliance with clinical infection control measures
CE EN71 Certified

Each set consists of

In each purchase, you will receive:

1x Rabbit Ray Doll + Instrument Kit,
1x Book (2 stories : Vaccination & Blood Draw )
1x IV Bag,
1x Ribbon (tourniquet)


Dual-language: English-Mandarin

With sufficient orders, we will consider Japanese, Malay and Tamil versions.
Please let us know in our chat/message box if you have other language request.