Proudly Made in Singapore

Joytingle take great pride in having Rabbit Ray made in Singapore. Here is how we have done it:

1) Designed in Singapore

Rabbit Ray was designed right here in Singapore. Though he may look simple, Rabbit Ray is made up of over 1,485 2-dimensional surfaces that were constructed into a 3-dimensional surface on a computer prior to manufacturing.

2) Made in a Singapore production facility

We chose to manufacture Rabbit Ray right here in Singapore. In an age where most productions are outsourced overseas, Joytingle decided to work with a local contract manufacturer that employs an older generation of Singaporeans.

These individuals bring decades worth of experience and immaculate workmanship to every Rabbit Ray that Joytingle ship.

Despite their age, their hands are deft and accurate with the blade.(手感很棒)

3) Locally Made Injection Moulds

Joytingle decided to invest in steel plastic injection tooling that was designed, cut and polished right here in Singapore. Although it comes with a higher cost, it ensures a more consistent finish on every Rabbit Ray.

4) Plastic Pallets comes sourced from a Singapore supplier.

The plastics are also sourced from a reliable local supplier. This is critical to ensure that Rabbit Ray is child-safe even during the most demanding play scenarios (being dropped, being bent etc.).

The plastics are also 100% recyclable, making Rabbit Ray a great friend to the environment as well!

5) Even the book is printed in Singapore

The printer’s CMYK in action. Each machine takes one colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) to print the final image.

There are a lot of untapped manufacturing experience in Singapore. When sourcing for local factories, I came across multiple businesses that did everything from magnets, screws to even manufacturing high quality blocks for Lego (during Singapore’s manufacturing boom in the 1970s).

These are businesses that put quality first over production cost. It is an ideal that resonates deeply with Joytingle and one that we want to embrace and support.

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You can get your Rabbit Ray here.