Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Is this a Toy?

Rabbit Ray is not a toy. It is designed to look like one – so it is accessible and friendly to children.
But it is a medical device for demonstration and communication purposes.


2) Is there a warranty period?

Yes, there is a coverage of 2 years warranty.


3) I am based overseas, how will the warranty coverage be effective for me?

In the unlikely event that Rabbit Ray does not work, please contact me soonest at [email protected] or [email protected] and I will address the concern.
If it is repair-able, please send it over.  If it is beyond repair,  I will offer a one-to-one exchange.

For both scenarios, I would request for postage fees to be covered by you. Please understand as Joytingle is a small outfit, and unlike larger organisations with deeper pockets, I am unable to cover the postage fee back-and-forth.


4) Why is it a book and not an App?

Rabbit Ray will be bringing healthcare literacy to resource-poor regions as well.
Hence, a book is accessible since an iPad / tablet is not available for some communities.

Plus, it is safer to leave a book around for independent play; compared to leaving an iPad / tablet unattended in a clinic / ward.


5) Can the cost go lower?

I would love to lower the price. Unfortunately, quality materials and rigorous child safety testing do cost – and this is not something to scrimp on, given the clinical settings for hospital users.

If you need a Rabbit Ray set, please write in for a price quotation.