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Vaccination Game PDF
(English – Mandarin)

Certificate of Bravery

Certificate of Bravery,

  1. Go through Rabbit Ray’s Mighty Rocket story first.
    This ensures the child will learn why vaccination and booster shots are important.
  2. Through this game, parents and caregivers can check children’s understanding in an approachable manner.
  3. Take a picture of the completed maze and send it back to us! 🙂

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Present this certificate after your child’s vaccination or the hospital stay.

We are glad to be part of your child’s health journey.

– Joytingle Team ([email protected])

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孩童经过疫苗或住院后 ,表扬他的勇敢精神。
我们很高兴成为你孩子健康之旅 的一部分。

– 家庭乐

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