Meet Rabbit Ray, a paediatric education device

A friend to explain medical procedures to children through play.

1 Tool, 4 Procedures

– Phlebotomy –
Neonatal Blood Sampling: Drip Technique
Blood Glucose Monitoring demostration for Diabetes’ management

– Intravenous Plug Setting –
Demonstrate scalp-vein “butterfly” needle technique
Allows hand movements in blood draws and infusions

– Vaccination –
Subcutaneous and Intradermal
Injection demonstration

– Intravenous –
Saline IV demonstration
Chemotherapy Drug demonstration for Paediatric Oncology

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"Rabbit Ray is a helpful resource for medical play!"

Patricia Kirkland, MS, CCLS
Manager, Family Support Service
Wolfson's Children Hospital, USA

Medical Accuracy

Designed based on
World Health Organisation’s publications.

Fact-checked by 4 healthcare professionals for medical accuracy.

Accepted in 3 international healthcare conferences.

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“We now have 8 Rabbit Rays at our hospital and the children love them.
This has been a fantastic tool for patients to role-play their cannular and blood taking experiences. I love that it can be cleaned easily between patients.
Looking forward to seeing your future products!”

- Victoria Hoque,

Senior Play Specialist, CCLS
Department of Paediatric Nephrology,
Evelina London Children's Healthcare, UK

Learning Benefits

Pretend Play

Imagination: when children play make-believe nurses, doctors and caregivers, they exercise their creativity with self-initiated story lines.

Social Interaction: role-play puts children in other people’s shoes and encourages them to be emphatic and considerate.

Educate & Prepare

1) Education: remove fear of the unknown and bring anxiety to realistic levels.

2) Inquisitive: breakdown medical jargons into action steps; for children who ask why. According to Piaget’s child development pre operational stage (Age 2-7).

Vent and ask questions

For Chronic Patients:

1) Play to vent frustration after procedures.

2) Play creates the environment for questions on life and healing.

Technical Details

Latex Free
Magnets Free
Non Porous
Non Autoclavable

Kids Safe
Age 4 and up

Size : 200 x 111.14 x 72mm
(200mm is 2/3 of an A4 paper height)

Designed and
Made in Singapore.

What you will get in each set

Rabbit Ray Instrument Kit + Storybook (2 titles in 1 : Vaccination & Phlebotomy).

"Rabbit Ray will replace children’s fear with understanding.

The access to healthcare is important; coupled with education and positive experience, it will encourage children’s receptiveness to treatment.

When children are involved in their care, it creates better outcomes,"

- Esther Wang, Founder of Joytingle

Since starting in 2012, Joytingle has worked with reputable JCI-accredited hospitals.

Joytingle is a registered business in Singapore and is supported by National University of Singapore Social Venture [email protected]