Make a lasting impression by building empathy

From emergency settings, to inpatient wards and outpatient treatments,
Joytingle's work is versatile across different clinical settings and time crunch.

Prepare your patients with realistic steps


Neonatal blood sample and drip technique,
blood glucose monitoring demonstration for diabetes' management

-Intravenous Plug Setting-

Demonstrate scalp-vein "butterfly" needle technique; allows hand movement in blood draws and infusions


Subcutaneous and intradermal injection demonstration


Saline IV demonstration, chemotherapy demonstration for pediatric oncology

Joytingle's products are well-regarded and embraced around the world

44 hospitals from 1st world to developing nations

Used across 6 specialties

Cleans easily between patients, latex free and non-autoclavable, CE EN71 certified

"As a Child Life Specialist, I have been using Rabbit Ray with pediatric patients in the United States of American for a couple of years now.

I love the way medical play allows kids to 'practice' IV starts and blood draws (among other uses, these are the most commonly used in my practice). This medical play/teaching tool is entirely able to be cleaned with wipes, which is a necessity for use in the hospital.

It has also been versatile, and I have been able to use it with patients in the Pre/Post Surgery, Emergency Department, Radiology Departments and Ped/PICU."

- Dr Michael Leinwand, Bronson Hospital USA

“We now have 8 Rabbit Rays at our hospital and the children love them.
This has been a fantastic tool for patients to role-play their cannular and blood taking experiences. I love that it can be cleaned easily between patients.
Looking forward to seeing your future products!”

- Victoria Hoque,

Senior Play Specialist, CCLS
Department of Paediatric Nephrology,
Evelina London Children's Healthcare, UK

What you will get in each set

"Rabbit Ray is a helpful resource for medical play!"

Patricia Kirkland, MS, CCLS
Manager, Family Support Service
Wolfson's Children Hospital, USA